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Ways to Help

Ways to Help


Spend time with our residents: play music, play dominos, tell stories, join us for lunch or coffee, or just hang out.  We always welcome visitors and the doors are always open.

Spend time providing other services: help by donating time in your area of expertise: landscaping services, pro bono services for our residents, anything else you can think of.
See our FaceBook page to check out some pictures of some Friends of Adiuvo in action.

Friends of Adiuvo:
You can also help out with some of the existing Friends of Adiuvo.  The following organizations generously spend time, offer religious services, or offer credit to their students for spending time with our valued residents:

– St. Thomas the Apostle
– St. Agatha
– Christopher Columbus Community Service Organization
– Belen Jesuit Office for Social Justice
– Church of the Little Flower and Saint Theresa Catholic School
– World Relief

You can donate items that you no longer have a need for or anything that you think might help make one of our residences more like a home.  Some examples include a particular board game a resident is fond of, electronics, furniture, food, books, artwork, plants and flowers

The Antonio Mena Diabetes Foundation
Adiuvo is committed to helping those residents that suffer from diabetes by developing special dietary, physical, and medical regiments designed specifically for each resident.  Along with offering personalized care, Adiuvo is committed to help raise $1,000,000 for research for a cure for diabetes.

Antonio Mena, the father of the founder of Adiuvo, passed away at 65 from complications related to diabetes. There are 23.6 million people in the United States, or 7.8% of the population, who have diabetes. Although diabetes can be largely controlled, there is still no cure for the disease.The Antonio Mena Diabetes Foundation supports research to find a cure.  A portion of all the proceeds of Adiuvo is donated to this worthy cause.

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