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At Adiuvo, we believe that maintaining active is one of the most important keys to improving and maintaining the quality of life of our residents.  We understand that health is more than just maintaining a good medical record.  We instead focus on all aspects of the health and well-being of our residents: social, mental, spiritual, and physical.  We also enjoy having celebrations to bring together friends and family and also bring joy to our residents. 

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Daily Activities: 

We offer daily activities available to all of our residents to promote social interaction and mental activity. Activities range from spending time outdoors, listening to music, arts & crafts, playing dominos, and social activities.  

Physical Activities:  

We work with medical professionals and health agencies that offer a physical therapy regiment catered to the specific needs and abilities of each resident.  We strive to offer at least some physical exercise daily for all of our residents depending on their physical state. 

Religious Activities: 

We understand that faith is a large part of residents’ lives.  As such, we make arrangements with local religious organizations to make regular visits to our homes and offer religious services (e.g., Holy Communion). 

Holiday Parties:  

We celebrate many holidays throughout the year, including Valentines’ Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Three Kings’ Day.  As always, the residents’ families and friends are invited to attend and join in the celebrations.

Birthday Celebrations: 

Special cakes are served at a community celebration.  Friends and family are encouraged to join the party to make the occasion even more special. 

Friends of Adiuvo:  

School groups and charitable organizations often visit to interact with residents, providing companionship, reading groups, crafts and other activities.  We encourage residents’ families and friends to join our Friends of Adiuvo and take part in improving the quality of life of our residents.  

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